PlayStation 3 Wireless keypad Analysis – Saves you more time!

By Mahbub Robin June 16, 2017 PlayStation3 Wireless Keypad

These products are for those who utilize all the capabilities of the PS3. I understand the struggle of switching back and forth between your keyboard and controller. Fortunately, Sony created a magnificent device that merges them both into one nice compact unit. If you want to buy the Wireless Keypad, you can buy it at Amazon here.

wireless-keypadIn comes the PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad:

The PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad is an accessory that I use very often. I consider this product to be the most useful PS3 accessory out of all of them. Moreover, I greatly recommend that you purchase this wireless keypad if you use features such as web browsing and texting. This gadget makes makes these tasks so convenient that it is certainly worth the $45.

Let’s look at the specs of this keypad:

  • Turns your regular controller into a texting device – also has mouse input capabilities
  • Attaches to any Dual Shock 3 or Six-Axis wireless controller
  • QWERTY keyboard designed for thumb only typing
  • A touch pad and a mouse pad
  • Charges up right through the controller’s USB port

Some minor things that I dislike:

The only thing wrong with the wireless keypad device is that this product does not have a back lit keypad. Figuring out what you are pressing can be hard to figure out in the dark. However, after a month of practice you can type without looking at the key pad so it’s not the biggest deal. Want to buy the PS3 Wireless Keypad?

It is currently on sale at Amazon through this link.

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