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Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel Review: Your Racing experience is about to change!

By Mahbub Robin June 16, 2017 Logitech Racing Wheel

The Logitech PS3 Driving Force GT Racing Wheel is the ideal accessory for gamers who are stern about their racing games. This product is ahead of its competition because the racing wheel features an unparalleled degree of control, comfort, and performance. If you are seeking to purchase this racing wheel, it is currently on sale at Amazon for $40 off through this link.


The Driving Force GT incorporates a dynamic fine tun-able adjustment dial that contains 24 settings. This enables players to fine tune their traction control system (TCS) and other pertinent settings on the fly without pausing or reloading. Experience customized, reliable and accurate handling race after race.


Let’s take a look at its features:

  • 24-position real time adjustment dial: Fine-tune brake bias, TCS, and damper settings on the fly.
  • 900-degree wheel rotation: Go 2.5 times around lock to lock.
  • Force feedback technology: Feel every inch of the road for maximum control and the ultimate racing experience.
  • Gas and brake pedals: Get precise throttle and brake response with true-to-life pedals.
  • Sequential stick shift: Go through the gears for the ultimate in control.

The wheel itself is coated in a rubber-over mold rim which rotates a full 900 degrees. The comfortable grip comes in handy when force-feedback enabled games communicate tactile information through the sturdy, one-piece design. The result is that one feels like they really are inside the game, not manipulating some abstract control in front of their television set. In addition, the realistic response from the brake and gas pedals further enhances the realism of any racing game. The combination of all these features and technologies is that realistic racing games do really appeal to the senses of the players.

Logitech also consist of a number of per-tuned settings for all popular PS3 racing games on the market. This is ideal for those that want an incredibly realistic driving experience but are not a fan of how to tweak the settings on a driving wheel.

Want to get your hands on one of these racing wheels? Amazon has it on sale for $40 off through this link.

Here is a review from a proud current owner:

Chuck Nowinski:

“I have always been a fan of Logitech products because of their rugged durability combined with their incredibly intuitive and realistic feel. The Driving Force GT Racing Wheel is no exception to that long Logitech tradition, and as such I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-end force feedback wheel.”